It's Best to Have a Backup Plan

Include a battery in your solar power system in the Mason, Fredericksburg & Brady, TX area

People always tell you to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Shouldn't your backup plans include energy sources? Greater Texas Solar installs solar power systems with backup batteries in Mason, Fredericksburg & Brady, TX and the surrounding areas.

Batteries can help you save money by powering your property at night or when the grid is experiencing outages. Plus, it can reduce your reliance on the grid during peak demand. Reach out to our solar company now to find out more about backup batteries.

Powering the essentials

Powering the essentials

Blackouts can occur at any time. You want to make sure that your essential appliances still have power. You can set up your solar power system so that a backup battery will power your:

  • Refrigerator/Deep Freeze - to keep your food from spoiling
  • HVAC system - to keep your home comfortable
  • Stove and oven - to allow you to cook while the power is out
  • Well Pump- to ensure you have access to water

If you own a commercial space, this is especially important. You may have important business to do on your computers. If you run a medical facility, you'll need to continuously power certain equipment in order to protect your patients. No matter what you need your backup battery to power, our solar company can set up your system correctly.

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