Provide Your Own Power

You'll need a solar power system in the Mason, Fredericksburg & Brady, TX area

You don't need to rely on power companies for electricity. You can create your own electricity off the grid with an efficient solar power system. Greater Texas Solar is a respected solar energy company serving Mason, Fredericksburg & Brady, TX, as well as the surrounding areas.

We'll help you set up a system completely independent of the power grid. Your solar panels will absorb and generate power from the sun's radiation. They'll even store power for later. That way, you'll still have a fully functioning home or business at night. Find out more benefits of solar energy now by speaking with one of our pros.

Read about the benefits of solar energy

An off-grid solar power system is especially beneficial for ranches and other rural properties. That's because:

  • Rural areas are more prone to blackouts that can be avoided with an off-grid system
  • Connecting to the main grid is more difficult without city infrastructure
  • Off-grid technology reduces your environmental impact

Ready to go off the grid? Schedule a consultation with our solar energy company today. We serve property owners throughout the Mason, Kerrville, Llano & Fredericksburg, TX area.