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Is an off-grid solar system worth it?

Are you a Texas resident and wondering what an off-grid solar power system is and how it is beneficial? Well, read on!
Off-grid solar power systems are standalone solar power systems that are not connected to the grid. They are self-sufficient and can provide all the power you need for your home or business without relying on the grid. An off-grid solar power system can provide a much-needed backup power source in Texas, where the electricity grid is often unreliable.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Power System?

Off-grid solar power systems work independently and are not connected to any utility grid. These power systems must necessarily make all the energy themselves that is needed to fulfill the requirements of the place. Therefore, off-grid solar power systems have battery banks or battery storage systems.

To create and store enough energy to provide energy for the place where it is installed, off-grid solar power systems use huge battery storage capacity and off-grid inverters. These factors make it a more expensive option than the on-grid power systems.

If you want a constant energy supply in a remote area for your place, an off-grid solar power system might be excellent. This power system is ideal for remote locations far from electricity grids like mining areas, rural areas, highway motels, etc.

What are the Main Benefits of an
Off-Grid Solar Power System?

Renewable and clean energy is getting quite popular due to the exceptional benefits that it comes with. Many people worldwide are considering solar for homes to benefit the environment and reduce electricity bills.

People going solar are presented with two options. One is the on-grid solar power system that connects the place with the city’s primary grid or energy source. At the same time, the other one is the off-grid solar power system. In this type, the whole system is standalone and is independent of the city’s primary grid.

No doubt, the idea of a standalone power system might be a little intimidating, but it certainly has a lot of benefits. If you are confused about the benefits of an off-grid solar power system, we will help you through. Some benefits of an off-grid solar power system are listed below:

Avoid Power Outages

As mentioned earlier, in the case of an off-grid solar power system, you are not tied to the city’s power source. This means that you will not have to worry about the unpredictable power outages at your place. The city’s power source can be interrupted due to heavy storms, winds, and freezing rain causing power outages that you will not experience if you have installed an off-grid solar power system.

The power outages might last from a couple of hours to a few weeks, which can be frustrating. One cannot imagine even going a day without electricity or power in present times. Such outages can be stressful for the homeowners and cause too much discomfort. All this inconvenience might make waiting for the power time a lot frustrating.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best solar system for your home, you can consider getting an off-grid solar power system. With sufficiently charged solar energy batteries, you don’t have to worry about power outages or any inconvenience that comes with them. An off-grid solar power system is excellent if you are looking to prepare for future calamities or live in such a region.

Reduces Electricity Bills

If you install an off-grid renewable energy system in your house, you will no longer worry about rising electricity bills. You will no longer depend on the limited fossil fuels that deplete with time, raising the power prices.

Although the initial installation cost of an off-grid solar power system is relatively high, the convenience that it comes with is definitely worth the price. With an off-grid solar energy system, you get low rates and low maintenance costs for a lifetime. It can be referred to as one of your house’s most significant yet most reliable energy investments.

If you have installed an off-grid solar system at your house, you will be utterly dependent on the sun to fulfill all your house’s energy requirements. There would be no pending electricity bills and much relief at the end of the month. The maintenance cost of this solar system is also lower than the standard because of the inception of LED fixtures.


Convenient Installation

As we have already mentioned, an off-grid solar energy system is independent of the primary grid; its installation process is much easier. In this type of power system, there is no complex infrastructure to set up for proper functioning.

Most grid-tied solar power systems require the services of a professional who connects the approach to the city’s primary source or electric grid. This is not the case with an off-grid power system that can be easily installed with the basic knowledge of some tools. Any house owner can do the task with some knowledge without hiring any professional.

You can also skip the costly trenching process necessary to put the solar system on the grid, which is essential for grid-tied systems.

Alternative Power Source for Rural Areas

If you are an inhabitant of a rural area, you might know that there are a lot of electrical problems in such areas. Fewer and less advanced infrastructure leads to difficulties connecting to the primary grid. These complications lead to a more significant number of blackouts and power outages in rural or remote areas.

All of these electricity issues lead to a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. Therefore, an off-grid solar power system is ideal for rural and remote areas. With an off-grid solar power system, you will not worry about the limited access to the primary grid.

So, if you live in a rural area and want to install roof solar panels in Texas, you must consider getting an off-grid system to make your home self-sufficient and independent. It also gives you the freedom to reside in areas far from the city power lines and is also cheaper in the long run.

Helps Keep the Environment Green and Clean

You might already know that renewable energy is more beneficial for the environment than fossil fuel energy. Solar energy is a more green and clean form of energy and is highly helpful for the environment.

No matter what type of solar power system you choose to install, an on-grid solar power system or an off-grid solar power system, both are better than fossil fuel energy. With renewable energy, you can produce energy without burning fossil fuels, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Not burning fossil fuels will minimize the risk of pollution, and you will be playing your part in contributing to a cleaner and greener world.

If you are looking for professionals to guide you through installing an off-grid solar power system, call us now at (830) 507-3884.

Why are Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Beneficial in Texas?

Off-grid solar power systems are the only solution in countries or areas with little access to electricity, resulting from scattered or distant populations. No matter what kind of electricity generation it is, off-grid is the lifestyle in a self-sufficient manner without relying on the public utilities.

If you are considering off-grid solar Texas, it might be a perfect option because of the excellent weather conditions of the region. Off-grid solar power systems are ideal for climate zone 1, 2, or 3. These solar systems are perfect for areas with mild weather conditions that do not require a lot of air conditioning.

If you are thinking of installing an off-grid solar power system in your house located in Texas, you might want to know what benefits it will offer you. So, for your convenience, we are here with the benefits that you might need to know before installing an off-grid solar system in Texas.

Increases Home Resale Value

With the increase in the popularity and installation of solar systems, realtors and buyers look for homes with such energy systems for the added value of the house. No doubt it can be an excellent investment, but the benefits are even more significant.

If you are looking to sell your house shortly, you must not think twice while installing a solar energy system, as it will pay you off with great value. You can benefit from the off-grid solar power system for as long as you live in the house, and you will also help when you sell the property.

Great Relief from Electricity Bills

Electricity bills skyrocket in Texas from time to time, and it doesn’t seem that they will come down anytime soon. The only thing to get rid of these increasing electricity bills is to go solar altogether.

You can install an off-grid solar power system at your home in Texas and forget about all those electricity bills because you will not have any link to the primary grid anymore. Thus installing an off-grid solar power system means relief from all the electricity bills. For a free estimation, get in touch with us now at (830) 507-3884.

Benefits of Renewable Energy Systems

If you are producing all your house power on-site, you will not have to worry about most of your place’s energy operating costs. Although it works to reduce the costs, it also has the potential to eliminate them.

If you are using solar energy at your house, it can offset most of the impacts from potential increases in utility rates. With an off-grid solar energy system, you are entirely independent of the primary grid; therefore, the utility rates will not affect you anymore.

Relief in Tax Credit

You might not know that the federal tax credit covers 30% of the system cost of your solar energy system. This doesn’t include any upper limit. Also, some states have additional solar incentives that you can check on the DSIRE database.

These rebates and tax credits can significantly offset installing a solar power system, making it more affordable.

Excess Energy Generation Benefits

Texas State has a law for all the net metering of the solar energy that your system has been producing. The law permits the net metering, which means that you will be receiving the credits for generating the excess amount of electricity.

As the demand on the primary system will reduce, you will benefit from the reduced or eliminated energy operating costs and utilities.

Independent Energy Generating System

Texas is ideal for producing your energy and becoming self-sufficient. You must realize this potential that Texas provides you and shift to your independent energy-generating system. Also, if you are looking for solar for business in Texas, an off-grid solar power system might be the best for you.

You can get a new sense of independence and ownership by installing your electricity-generating asset. This solar energy system can enhance your lifestyle and reduce your bills without much effort.


Contact Greater Texas Solar To Switch to Off-Grid Solar Power System

You must be aware of the numerous exceptional benefits that an off-grid solar energy system offers, which might be when you make your decision. It is the time to say goodbye to all those random power outages and high electricity bills and switch to solar energy.

With scattered populations throughout the State, electricity problems are pretty big in Texas and can be easily avoided by switching to an off-grid solar power system. With this power generation system, you will be independent of all the electricity production, problems, and concerns.

We assure you that it is one of the most beneficial investments you will make for your house or business. It will benefit you as long as you stay in the place and help when you sell it with the increased property value. So, what are you waiting for? Stop counting the houses in the neighborhood going solar and make your home one of them too.

If you need professional help, we will help you throughout the process. We can provide you with everything you might need, from decision-making to installation. Being the best locally-owned Texas solar company, we are pretty reliable. So, do not waste any more time and give us a call now at (830) 507-3884.