Get 30% or more in Tax Credits for Going Solar

Is it Worth Going Solar in Texas?

Going solar is a big decision. It’s a long-term investment that can pay off handsomely, but only if you’re in the right location. No doubt solar comes with many advantages, including reduced utility costs, a huge step toward home energy efficiency, and an easy maintenance system that increases the house’s value. Efficient solar is beneficial for your utilities, but it also helps reduce pollution and contributes to a greener planet. All the things about renewable energy are completely true, making solar worth it in any state or region.

If you are wondering if it is worth going solar in Texas, you must know that it is a great option. Solar installation has increased surprisingly over the last few years in Texas, and all of it is the result of its success. However, despite its evident advantages, the decision to go solar can be a really big one. Solar is a big investment, so you should consider various factors to choose the solar for your home.


Is Texas Good for Solar Energy?

While living in Texas, you might be aware that there are around 235 days of sun in Texas which works in favor of solar. Also, Texas has the strongest sunshine, and not only that, but it also receives a high average of peak sun hours which makes a perfect environment for solar panels.
The more than enough sun enables the solar panels to absorb as much as you need or even more than that. Therefore, it can be safely said that Texas is a great place for installing solar panels.

Are Solar Panels in Texas Worth it?

Texas is an excellent place for installing solar for home due to its ideal climate conditions. According to Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI), the average for Texas is approximately 4.8 kWh/M2. This evaluation makes it one of the ideal locations within the United States for residential solar panel installation. If your home has enough roof space and does not have shade trees, installing a solar panel will be worth it.

As the state is exposed to enough sunshine throughout the year, the solar will operate at its maximum efficiency. Therefore, if you decide on getting solar installed at your home in Texas, it will be a great investment that will benefit you for a lifetime and add up to your home’s value. In case you have made your final decision, you can contact us to get a free estimate now!

Do Solar Panels increase Home Value in Texas?

As mentioned earlier, solar panels have many advantages if they are installed correctly in the right place. No doubt, such a big investment in your home also adds up to the house’s overall value. It also helps reduce your monthly utility bills as well. Moreover, if your home has solar panels, your home’s value will potentially increase by 4.1%. No matter what state you are in, solar panels have great worth and can increase your property’s value. Although the percentage of value increase might vary from state to state, the percentage mentioned above is the average resale value increase percentage if your home has solar panels.

Benefits of Going Solar in Texas

If you live in Texas, you might see people going solar every day, and seeing this might make you think if you should also invest in it or not. Because of the state’s ideal climate conditions, many people have considered going solar, and the number increases by the day. Therefore, if you are also thinking of going solar, here are some reasons you should stop thinking and take the step immediately.


1- Reduces Electric Bills

Reducing electric bills is one of why any homeowner explores energy-efficient options or goes solar. High electricity bills are a major issue for all Texas residents, not because the electricity rates are higher but because they consume a lot of electricity on a monthly basis. On average, the monthly electric bill of a Texas residence is around $128, which is almost 20% over the national average for the monthly electricity expenses.

Another problem is the constant rising bills, and they don’t tend to slow down any time soon. Considering Texas’s high electricity consumption rate, it is essential to find energy-efficient options. This is what has made solar so popular in Texas and other states.

2- Renewable Energy that is Essential for Better Economy

Texas is the largest carbon emitter in the whole United States. The state has a large population and an even larger economy which describes the high energy consumption. But Texas has a great capacity for change as well. Therefore, it explains that solar is not only good for your electricity bills, the environment, and also the economy.

Texas Advance Energy claims that Texas has more than 250,000 renewable energy jobs, which is still increasing. Also, Texas has been ranked number 2 for solar in the United States. Therefore, every house must go solar if you want it to become the leading energy source. This will enable you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and you will have your cache of green energy.

3- Protection against Outages

Power outages are a nightmare, and all of us would do anything to avoid them. It is also a relief to know that power outages are usually avoidable. So, if power protection is important to you, it is time that you consider a permanent solution to all the future power outages. This permanent solution is solar energy and will help you forget about the power outages.

You don’t have to worry about disastrous weather events and the unreliable Texas power grid with battery backup. Once you invest in an efficient solar panel, you can forget about all the electricity inconveniences and grid problems. With a high-power solar battery, you can gain the energy independence you have always desired.

4- Added Technology without Extra Price

If your house has solar panels, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills when using electrical equipment. No matter how many residents are there in the place and no matter how many devices they use, even if everyone has a separate computer, automated lighting, video game console, television set, smart home assistance, or any other device or equipment.

Every resident of the house can use their electrical devices separately without worrying about the high electricity bills. Therefore, it can be said that solar panels give you independence of electrical power and consumption freedom. You can add up as many technology devices as you want without worrying about skyrocketing electricity bills.

5- Tax Incentives

Solar for business Texas is an excellent option due to the great tax incentives that provide relief to businesses and homeowners. In 2015, the federal government established a renewable energy tax credit. As long as the taxpayer continues to inhabit the residence with the solar panels, they can claim a credit of up to 30% of the cost of the installed solar energy system.

There is no limit to the credit mentioned above. Moreover, if it exceeds your tax liability for a year, the excessive amount will be carried on to the next year. Such relief makes many people think about switching to solar energy systems for their good.

6- Increases Home Value

Such a big investment in your house always benefits you with an increased property resale value. No doubt the solar energy system adds up to the worth of your home. This value varies depending on the type and quality of the solar energy system you have installed. The more you invest in the system, the more will increase your property cost.

If you live in Texas, installing a solar energy system will add approximately $3 per watt to the home’s value. As mentioned earlier, the cost might vary depending on the quality of your solar energy system. So, if you want your house value to increase more, you must consider installing a superior quality solar energy system. You can contact us at and our experts can help you in making decisions and accomplishing the installation process efficiently. For free estimation of solar system installation in Texas, contact us now!

7- Opportunities to Save

As the solar energy system is becoming so popular, numerous advantages make it happen. This energy-efficient system comes with various energy-saving opportunities that save you a lot of money on your electricity bills. Not only that, but it also provides you with some other saving opportunities.

Another saving or gaining profit opportunity is while reselling the property. If you plan on selling your house in a few years, going solar is an excellent option. It will help you save money from the electricity bills when you live in the house and profit you when you sell your home. So, it is a win-win situation in both cases.

8- Reduces Carbon Footprint

The traditional electricity we normally use is derived from fossil fuels and coal. When utilized, this electricity emits harmful gasses that contribute to the various types of pollution. These gasses are considered the primary contributors to air and water pollution, land degradation, and multiple health conditions like heart and respiratory diseases and lethal cancer.

By cutting off the traditional electricity at your place and going solar, you can contribute your part to reducing toxicity from the environment. Reduced toxicity means a cleaner and safer environment for you and all the coming generations.

Is it worth getting Solar Batteries in Texas?

With installing a solar energy system comes the next confusion: whether you need to get solar batteries or not. If you have installed an off-grid solar panel system, you will completely rely upon it, whether it is a sunny day or a cloudy one. Therefore, it will be necessary to get solar batteries that will help you prevent power outages on cloudy days or at night.

In a grid-tie system, the solar system also has the capacity of battery back-up, such as Tesla Powerwall. This type of high-quality investment and installation gives excellent protection against power outages. In order to enjoy the security afford by Powerwall, you don’t have to install a solar electric PV system. You can easily connect it to any traditional home electric system.

How much does Residential Solar Cost in Texas?

Once you have decided to install roof solar panels in Texas, you must be wondering about how much it costs. Well, you don’t have to stress out anymore as we are here to guide you through it. In Houston, a typical installation referred to as Tx costs around $2.74 per watt if you are seeking help from a professional installer.


Contact the Best Locally-Owned Texas Solar Company

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